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Band Review:  Papalote Taco House

Band Review: Papalote Taco House


This week’s special features commentary from emo-alternative band from Austin, Tx,  Almost Famous Friends, as they review a popular local taco house called “Papalote“, also located in the heart of Texas.

Each band member gives their take on the diverse mexican eatery, and be sure to follow them on their pages below!

PhotoCredit: AbbieBosworth

Tristan Wilson (vocals)

PhotoCredit: ToddCrusham

“Papalote’s is a really unique place I think.

It feels very authentic, and obviously so is all the food.  I had never been there before Marlon suggested it, but I definitely plan on going more now.

I tried the “Pastor Tacos” which is described as “Pineapple jaujillo rubbed grilled pork topped with onions and cilantro,” and I was immediately a fan.  The pork was soft, had great flavor, and was complimented well by the onions and cilantro.

I really enjoyed my tacos, and also had a good time hanging out with the guys at Papalote’s.

I was the one to suggest we go to Papalote’s.

It’s somewhere that I’ve eaten at a lot of times and really enjoy being at.  The tacos I like to get are the “Pollo A La Parilla.”  They are very good, especially because they are so unique.

This puts them above a lot of other taco places in Austin, which can all start to feel the same.  The grilled chicken has a lot of flavors, which I couldn’t distinguish, but when the ingredients come together it’s always delicious.

Marlon Sexton (bass)

PhotoCredit: Abbie Bosworth

Hunter Sharpe (guitar)

Papalote’s is an obvious Austin classic.

Over the years I have lived here, I’ve heard the name over and over again through my classmates, and was not disappointed when I finally got around to trying it.

My taco of choice was the “Carnitas Tacos.”  I’ve had a lot of ‘carnitas tacos’ in my day, but I must say this was one of the best ones.  The meat was perfectly soaked, shredded, and melted in your mouth instantly.  I would always recommend this if you live on the south side of Lamar and are looking for a great taco.

Almost Famous Friends

I’m Not Who I Want To Be

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