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Best BBQ In Lockhart, TX: Band Review

Best BBQ In Lockhart, TX: Band Review


What better way to celebrate America’s birthday than with a band review on the bestest, and messiest All American food – BBQ!  This week we’ve got guest bloggers and rock band, The Go Ahead, giving us their finger-licking review of the local BBQ spot located in Lockhart, The Kreuz Market.  Check out their review and social links below!

The Band Review

Credit: TheGoAheadMusic.com

If you ever find yourself in Austin, TX with a hankering for some fantastic BBQ, and you’re o.k. with a bit of a drive, look no further than Kreuz Market. Located in Lockhart, about 30 miles south of downtown Austin, Kreuz looms large as a Texas BBQ institution with a long and smoky history. The restaurant was established in 1900, and has been serving up expertly smoked meats ever since.

KREUZ MARKET Establishment Sign

We arrived to Kreuz Market in the mid-afternoon and were greeted by an enormous line that stretched back into the parking lot. Fortunately for us (and our appetites), the line moved quickly and we were soon inside. The establishment has clearly been embedded with smoke and spice for so long – it’s the first thing we noticed. Families were the majority of the clientele. We overheard a father telling his son, “The first time I came here, I was your age.” A quick glance at the walls of the eatery revealed numerous family photos and BBQ accolades; it’s clear this place prides itself on tradition.

Kreuz Market Menu

As we made our way down the hall, we could see the menu. We drooled over it a little. All the meats are priced by the pound. We finally placed our orders in the hazy room where all the smoking is done. Our eyes watered as we ordered due to all the delicious acrid smoke engulfing us. They cut our meat, we paid, and we were on our way to get sides and drinks. Sides and drinks are cafeteria style; we ordered what we wanted as we walked down the line. Our advice would be to divide and conquer the two lines if possible as it ended up taking about 20-30 minutes to get our food. From there, it’s open seating so we found a good spot and began to dig in.

The portions are generous and fairly priced, so come with an enormous appetite…

This place has some rules, though. Namely: NO FORKS ALLOWED! The staff are adamant that you won’t need one. Prepare to get messy. Don’t worry, you can have a spoon for the mac and cheese and any of their many other side dishes. We tried the majority of the menu and there wasn’t anything we didn’t like. The brisket fell apart in our fingers and the pork ribs fell off the bone. The sausages and turkey legs were absolutely smoked to perfection.

The portions are generous and fairly priced, so come with an enormous appetite if you want to sample the entire menu. Be warned: this is a strictly dry-rub BBQ restaurant. You will not find a drop of sauce anywhere in the building. This may be a shock to some BBQ fans who are used to saucy ribs, but you owe it to yourself to enjoy some dry-rub done right.

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