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Burger Bach Hit The Wrong Note


The Burger Bach Review


Poor service, poor food, poor experience.

Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9

Voted the “Best Burger” and “Best Food” on multiple blogs and reviews, we decided to stop into Burger Bach while staying overnight near Richmond, VA.  We walked in with high hopes, but man were we more than disappointed!  First in the series of terrible events, the hostess lied about the wait time, setting us back to over an hour.  We even called ahead of time to make sure we wouldn’t be waiting all night to get a table, and the hostess insisted that the wait would only be about twenty minutes.

Sixty minutes later, after we are still sitting at the bar (well one of us…there weren’t enough chairs at the bar for our full party of two), we were rudely told by one of the female bartenders that we missed “Happy Hour” (mostly due to the non-attentive bar staff and hostess), and ended up waiting for almost another twenty minutes before even asking if we wanted something to drink.  After we finally put in our drink and appetizer order, we decided to check with the hostess to see if a table was almost available (so that both of us could sit and enjoy our meal comfortably).  The hostess said we are next for a table.  I explained to her that I had been standing for over an hour, and if she could let me know as soon as a table is available it would be appreciated.  I also stated that we had ordered appetizers and if it would be alright to get them brought to the table after we were seated.  Again, she assured me everything would be able to be brought over.

After finally getting our appetizers, we were told by the hostess that since we have food now at the bar, we cannot bring it to the table.  Even though I had just discussed this exact situation with her literally ten minutes before, she refused to give us a table we’ve been waiting for over an hour and a half.  She stated we need to talk to her manager, and that she has no control over it.  Meanwhile, the manager was no where to be found.

Seventy-five dollars later, we ended up with what was supposed to be a nice night out, a miserable experience and bad impression of what Richmond considers their “best”.  This restaurant was anything but.  Instead it was nothing more than an expensive disappointment!

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10 S. Thompson St

Richmond, VA