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DJ Ammo dishes with I

DJ Ammo dishes with I <3 Music


Be sure to visit Ammo on his site and get the free download of his mixtape on www.dj-ammo.com

DJ Ammo - taken from www.dj-ammo.com
DJ Ammo – taken from www.dj-ammo.com

Not Too many Dj’s today can say they started from the essence, but this gives Dj Ammo the exact advantage when it comes to the DJ Industry today.

Born and raised in Bergen County NJ, Ammo began by practicing on Vinyl in 2003. . Learning the craft of Turntablism and studying all genres of music. Started out in local bars and lounges, and quickly building his name. By 2006 he was opening for Big Dj acts during the most prominent club era in NY the “Chelsea Area”. This 3 block radius was home to some of the biggest clubs in NY at the time (Home,Guest House, Pink Elephant, Marquee etc).

What separates Ammo From the up and coming djs today is his knowledge of music. Ammo is well versed in Hip Hop, House, R& B, Rock, Top 40, Mashups, Reggae, Reggaeton, Classics and so on. Catering to all crowds as a true “Open Format’ Dj.”

In 2007 He became the official DJ for Conquer Ent , a music branch of Product Brokerage Giant, Shop.com . Ammo has since spun numerous events for them, including twice a year at conventions in Miami and North Carolina.

As the “scene” has become relatively smaller Ammo has remained relevant playing at Venues such as Tenjune, GreenHouse,10AK,RDV,Kiss & Fly Veranda, Amnesia, XVI Rooftop, Stash. Zbar. Also all major clubs in NJ ( 4Sixty6, Bliss,Jenkinsons,Teak,Studio 4,)

Currently Resident at 46 Lounge Totowa NJ, for “HipHouse Thursdays” playing alongside guest Djs such as, Riz, Skribble, and Ps-1..

Today Ammo has tapped into the huge “EDM’ movement with 3 remixes made played on NYC, 92.3 NOW radio numerous times and backed by International DJ’s, who gave him huge exposure through CrooklynClan.net

Celebrity Parties for:

Kim Kardashian

Russel Simmons

Jr & Loren Ridinger

Khole Kardashian

Jacob The Jeweler

Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez

Carmelo Anthony

Benny Medina

Angie Martinez


Bradley Cooper

I have followed the career of DJ Ammo for nearly the last decade.  A DJ who has quickly become one of New York City’s most in demand DJ’s, a force to be reckoned with in the world of DJ’ing and turntable. As a man, a human being, I can’t say that I know any individual more deserving of the success he has achieved (and that seems to be rapidly coming his way).  As a DJ, he is an unparalleled talent with an ear for what is hot, This guy seems to be just about ready to break on the national, and possibly global scene. With his recent mixtape release “Music is My Weapon” making a summery splash on the NY and North Jersey scene, he is one to watch.

I had the opportunity to pull him from his busy touring schedule to sit down for an interview:

Amanda: Tell me a little about how you got your start.

Ammo: I started DJ’ing in 2003.  I always wanted to DJ but originally couldn’t afford the equipment I needed.  2003 was when I bought a mixer and an old turntable.  I started out working with vinyl, but using vinyl it was impossible to keep up with my catalog.  So I switched to CD’s to keep up.   After I got my skills up, I met some DJ friends and started picking up some tips from them.  Soon after, I started picking up my first DJ gigs, doing bars and clubs and stuff like that for free.

Amanda: What was your motivation? In other words, what made you start DJ’ing?

Ammo: I always loved music and loved how the crowed reacted to certain songs.  I wanted to be the one behind it.

Amanda: What kind of DJ would you say you are? What is your favorite format?

Ammo: I play off the crowd, I work with every type of music and can really play to the crowd. I love when I get an open format crowd and can really mix it up.

Amanda: Do you ever have a chance to break new artists or music?

Ammo: I love when I get the chance to intro new music.  Once in a while I will slip something in if I feel like the crowd will be into it, it really depends on the venue.  The biggest factor is how the crowd is feeling.  As a DJ my job is really to vibe off of the crowd, and keep the energy up.  Club DJ’s don’t usually get to break records too much, 75% of what is played at clubs is what is in now.

Amanda: So tell me about your mixes, what do you have out there now?

Ammo: “Music is My Weapon” is my 1st real release that is printed.  I wanted to showcase what I could do in the club.


Amanda: Tell me about the title.

Ammo: I wanted people to know I am not violence affiliated.  That was important to me.  My name DJ Ammo – music is my ammunition.  That is what my name and the title of my mix is about, music being my weapon.

Amanda: How long did it take you to put this release together?

Ammo: The mixtape took me like 2 weeks to put together.

Amanda: Where are you looking to go from here on your next release?

Ammo: On the next one I would like to put in more time and more variety into it.

Amanda: Where can you pick up the mixtape?

Ammo: Right now you can click the link here to download it from soundcloud or directly from my website

Also very soon the mixtape will be available on GetConquer.com

Amanda: What if someone wants a physical copy or a t-shirt?

Ammo: Those I usually pass out at my shows, so come see me live if you want a copy.  Check out the events section on my website if you want to know where I am.  Or look me up on facebook or twitter. They will also both be available very soon on GetConquer.com and Shop.com

Amanda: So what were your highlights thus far? Tell me a little about some of your best and proudest moments?

Ammo: DJ’ing in Miami at the legendary Club 50 Viceroy.  Duane McLaughlin’s (click the link check out Duane’s music) Album release party that was packed with A-List guests. All of the party’s on the Shop.com Yacht. I loved DJ’ing for 3500 people at headliners down the shore.

Amanda: So what does the future hold for you?

Ammo: Just keeping it simple. Keep building my brand, more out-of-state bookings, and eventually international.

If you have the opportunity you definitely want to check DJ Ammo out live and in person. You can follow him on social media at:


DJ Ammo’s Website: www.dj-ammo.com

Hashtag: #Ammoarmy