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EGGS FROM HEAVEN with Justina Valentine

EGGS FROM HEAVEN with Justina Valentine


This week we go into Justina Valentine’s kitchen – internet star and a featured artist on this season’s Wild N’ Out with Nick Cannon on MTV.   Watch as Justina cooks us her famous “Eggs From Heaven” followed by an exclusive interview only found here at Music4Breakfast!  Remember to check out her Soundcloud below for her latest singles played throughout the video.  Bon appetit!

EGGS FROM HEAVEN featuring Justina Valentine

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Music4Breakfast:  Just, what’s up with your stove? How you going to cook on your stove?

Justina:  Um…we can just move everything over to one burner.  You can tell I cook alot.


M4B:  It’s more like a work station (laughs)

Justina:  Right


J: Hello, hello.  My name is Justina Valentine.  Welcome to my humble abode.  Music4Breakfast pulled up on me – I woke up like this, I mean literally.  I still haven’t washed my face,   I still have remnants of yesterday’s make up on, but you now what? My girls are hungry, so lets get to cooking.

Who’s hungry?

M4B:  What are you making?

J:  Eggs and grits

M4B:  Where are you getting the grits from?

J:  My freezer.  I heard someone put in a request for American cheese, but honey in this kitchen, we only use mozzarella.  Let’s get our blood pumpin’ a little bit.

Right right, let’s go.  Right, right, let’s go.  Right right right (singing) I’m cooking…all these eggs, all these eggs, up, all these eggs, bacon, all these eggs, bacon.  All these eggs, all these eggs, I’m cooking all these eggs.

My stove’s open, my mind is clear, I’m cookin’ the shit, so you can eat it there.

I roll around with a big pan.

You guys are lucky you’re called music for breakfast, cause all I cook is breakfast.  All I cook is eggs.  And if you have a problem chewing your food, for whatever reason, we’ve got spare teeth.  Whatever you need, so don’t worry about it.

That’s from my teeth whitening thing.

M4B:  So that is your teeth?

J:  Yes.

Now, when you cook – oh that’s not a safe place for the eggs, you need a little butter for the pan.  A little butter makes it a little better.  Cause what the butter does…I used to eat butter as a kid, literally just stick my fingers in it and eat it.  So the butter makes it not stick to the pan.  Don’t be afraid to give it a nice, hefty scoop.  What I’m saying is, don’t be sparse on the butter.

Oh shit does this thing work?  There it is…ha.  You guys thought I wasn’t going to get the stove to work.  So…a little butter makes it a little better. Apply the butter…oh a couple speckles in there.  Apply the butter evenly.  I think I should have a cooking show.  I think I really have a knack for this.

M4B: What other recipes would you do?

J:  Uh..you know.  I’d say…oh popcorn with syrup.  I love to prepare popcorn with syrup.  I love to prepare Nutella.  On like popcorn bread.

M4B:  How do you prepare Nutella?

J:  You have to spread it on the bread.  It’s all about doing it with love.  Now, we have six people…I mean we have three people.  So, for three people, I’d say we probably need six eggs.

(starts juggling eggs)

J:  You guy’s can’t do this at home.  Do not try this at home.  You see the thing is people, I just woke up, so I’m still like in my third dream right now.  Hope I didn’t get any egg on my head cause it…

M4B:  It looked like it hurt.  You don’t have any egg on your face though.

J:  It didn’t it felt great. For three people…oh boy there’s a shell.  We got a shell in there.  It’s a big one.  Don’t worry my hands are clean.  So…ow.

I mean look at the precision and ease with which I crack these eggs.  You’ve got to really be a prolific cook to cook your eggs this way.  But these omelettes are not for free.

Alright, so once the eggs are safe and sound in the pot where they belong, we’re going to move on to the cheese.  Everybody needs a little cheese in their eggs,  and like I said being Italian, I only use mozzarella.  So, we’re going to evenly spread a little cheese out throughout the egg…voila!  Now, let’s see if I have anything to season the eggs.  Got some pepper, got some whipped cream.  I wish I had like salt or something.  I might have some Dunkin’ Donuts packages.

Oh my gosh, I gotta flip those…I gotta move those eggs around.  The trick is to not let the eggs burn.  So we’ll do a little pepper.  And, we’ll do a little…whoop, hope that’s not too dusty.

And you know I got that drop bottom, hit ’em with my eggs.

Here we go, look at this mix.  Look at the skills with which I mix this up.  They call me the egg scrambler…and the breakfast handler.  Melt in your mouth not your hands.  I mean get a close up on these eggs man.  People don’t know how to do things like this.

Now does this look like it’s going to be the breakfast of your life or what?

Why do I feel like we need a couple more eggs?  Well, we can always make seconds.  That’s the good thing about being a cook of my stature.  Give people round one just to, you know, wet their appetites.  And you can always make seconds.  They smell better than they look. If you really…put your head in there without getting your hair caught on fire like I almost did, they smell great.

The trick is you have to really flip the eggs with love.  You want them to feel love.  You want them to feel appreciated, and um..one thing honestly, all jokes – all yolks aside.  Holy…did you hear that joke?  I said all yolks aside.  That was a good one.

So, all yolks aside, one thing about cooking – obviously I’m not much of a cook but, you know the food is something you’re consuming, you’re putting in your body.  So, the food being made with love I think is an important thing.  You ever like order a sandwich from somewhere and everybody’s just slapping the mayo, and putting the bread together, everything’s connected so you want to eat food that’s coming from a place of being prepared with love.  So, yes my stove might be a little messy, but there’s nothing but love in these eggs, you know what I’m sayin’?

See I like my eggs well, but most people just like them..you know.

Let me get the plates poppin’.  I like to refrigerate everything.  Any type of food product I have in my kitchen is in my fridge.  And who wants to clean dishes, I mean obviously…

Let me evenly divvy out these eggs from heaven.  That should be the name of this episode – Eggs From Heaven…it’s a working title.  These eggs look scrumptious.

A little eggs for you…a couple of eggs for you…a couple of eggs for you.  I try to disperse the eggs evenly.  And the best part is, when you cook the eggs, you’re the only one who gets to do this part.  That’s delicious.  Now, round two.  I didn’t realize how hungry I was.

Alright, so, we give the pot a little scrub a dub dub, and we prepare it for the second course of the meal, which is the bacon.  Now, the trick to cooking bacon is…a little space but we’ll make it work.  The trick to cooking bacon is you gotta cook it with love.  So again, we’re going to grab our butter, we’re going to dress the pan.

Now all this music you hear on today’s cooking lesson is off my brand new album, Scarlet Letter.

Alright so we dress the pan with the butter. Whoop…that’s a little too much, we’ll just throw that back in.

M4B:  How do you like your bacon?  Well done?

J:  I like it when someone else cooks it.  I’m getting a little squeemish touching it, but you know I’m just going to power right through it – I’m not going to lie.  But yea, I like it well done.  This is some long ass bacon.

M4B:  Do you not normally cook meat?

J:  Hell no I don’t cook meat.  I don’t cook meat at all.  This is like the second time I’ve ever cooked bacon, I’m not going to lie.  Now, the key to a good meal – clean utensils.

The best time to eat eggs and bacon is actually when you’re faded.  Clean utensils on deck.  There it go.  Now, time to flip the bacon.  Ow…the trick is not to let the bacon pop you one.  Filming Amanda while she’s filming me filming her filming me.  Doing a blog early this morning for music for breakfast and feeling alright.  I mean Snapchat won’t believe I cook if I don’t show them.

Come on this side so you can really get the angle of this bacon popping.

There you go, look at that.  I mean come on. You getting all that.  That’s something.

M4B:  So tell us how you got involved in music, and how you got started rapping.

J:  I’m really not involved in music, I’m just in the culinary arts.  Yeah, so I pretty much have been involved in some form of entertainment since I was a chidlin.  My dad is a singer and a guitarist, so I grew up with music around me in the household and all that, and I’ve been doing entertainment since I was a kid.  From theater and plays, to dancing and all that, so I just always liked to make people laugh, and feel something – always liked to entertain as a kid.

So, you know, music was something that was part of everything I did.  Doing theater and everything else, when I would get the roles there was always singing involved, and  when I would dance, obviously you’re dancing to music, so music was always an intricate part of my life, and very versatile in my music selection. My dad obviously was a rock guy, and I fell in love with hip hop in grade school, and then I just started writing my own stuff.  And even with the stuff I write for me, it was always eclectic – singing and rapping.  And I just started and ain’t never stop.

I was lucky enough to link up with Shy Boogs, who’s one of the premiere producers and just music gurus from this area – from the same area and the same town, and he really artist developed me…let me get rid of a little of this grease, that’s a lot of grease.  He really taught me so much about song writing, and just the make up of a song, and how to write a good song, so I was really fortunate to link up with him.  I’m still with him – he just executive produced my newest project, Scarlet Letter.

I’ve been lucky along the way to meet some really great people who have added to my career immensely – you guys did too; don’t get all soft on me April.  But yea, it’s been a wild ride man.  It’s been awesome.

From being a singer songwriter, to touring, to now I’m on this new episode of Wild N Out, season 8 with Nick Cannon, every Thursday, 10/9 central.   It’s just been a wild ride.  I love to entertain, and hey, wherever the energy goes, is where I’m going to flow.   Whatever feels good, whatever feels right.  Whew, I’m sweating.  I forget what you even asked me, but I think I covered it.

M4B:  So who would you say are like some of your biggest influencers in music?

J:  Well definitely my dad and Shy.  And then, as far as people I don’t know – Tupac, Lil’ Kim, Eminem, Jay Z, The Beatles, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Gwen Stefani, Nas.  Did I say Frank Sinatra?

That’s how you know you cooked a good pot of bacon right there.  Don’t touch that and do not try this at home.  I mean, look at this.  Look at that.  Look…at…that.

Now I hope you guys take eggs with your bacon – I mean, I hope you take some ketchup with your eggs.

Come on that’s a breakfast made for queens.  Give it up for the chef huh.  Can we give it up one time for the chef?  No I’m just kidding.

M4B:  I’ll give it up after I eat it.

J:  Right.

I have some water that’s not cold.  And then…I have Dr. Pepper.  I have a sip of orange juice. Just when you thought I didn’t have cold water.  Come on, you think I’m not a good host? I don’t have drinks for my guests?  Of course I do.

Now before I eat, I always say a prayer – or at least I just bless myself.  There’s a prayer my family always said growing up and it was, “Good food, good meat, good gosh, let’s eat.”

M4B:  I’m excited to try these.

J:  Me too.  I really am too.  Shit I need to heat back up my coffee.  It’s hard cooking for you and your friends.  That’s why I don’t like doing it.

M4B:  So you’re on this season’s Wild N Out which is awesome –

J:  Right.  That’s freaking delicious I’m sorry to tell ya.

M4B:  While you’re on the show, how much of it is actually scripted?  Are you allowed to actually get really wild and off script and go crazy, or you have to stick to a certain –

J:  No a lot of it is improv.  Oh, and look I even have dessert for you guys – cookies.  A lot of it is improv and a lot of it is you know, being off the cuff and stuff.  You definitely get to – they encourage that.  They want you to play off (of) what the other person said, and like be in the moment, cause that’s the type of shit you can’t prepare for.  And that’s the type of shit that makes for the best entertainment.  And you know me, you know i love off the cuff freestyle shit, so I love it.

Did you guys try the bacon?

M4B:  Yeah, it’s delicious.

So, besides Wild N Out, what is something else you’ve done, and I’m sure you can name a ton of stuff.  What’s one of the things that you’re most proud of in your career so far?

J:  Yeah Wild N Out’s definitely been an awesome, and probably the coolest thing I’ve done thus far – Koby – did you see that?  I got it in, left hand in a fucking slot.  That was an awesome shot.

Also what I’ve done of late that’s been really cool, I’ve done a couple Maybelline commercials.  I actually just locked in my third Maybelline commercial, and that’s been pretty awesome.

M4B: Nice

J:  Yeah.  The one that’s out right now with my vocals on it, is the one with Chrissie Terrington, it’s for like the lushish lashes, so, that’s been pretty cool.  It’s definitely been a great year.  I’ll say that – 2016 has been a great year.  And now this bacon?  I don’t know where to go from here.  How do you go up from here?

M4B:  So why the name Valentine?  Where does Valentine come from?

J:  Well I’m just so filled with love, so why wouldn’t it be valentine?  Well, no I’m actually born on Valentine’s Day, and I have red hair…so like – you know, Justina Halloween?  Justina Easter?

No you know what it was, I used to go by just Justina, but then when I Googled that, a couple of hoes was coming up, so I was like I want to be the only bitch to come up.  I played around it, and landed on Valentine and never looked back.

M4B:  So crazy story time-

J:  Crazy?  There’s nothing crazy about me.

M4B:  Tell us the craziest, wildest tale from in the studio or on tour.

J:  Oh.  Randy hates when I tell this story.  (laughs)

One night we were on tour, we were in Florida.  Randy had a couple coca-doodle doos in him; he’d been drankin’.  And we got back to the hotel room, it was me Randy, our DJ at the time K-Fresh, and our videographer Q.  I didn’t know where D was.  And Randy starts like aggressively wrestling K-Fresh.  And, you know when you’re a little drunk, you’re a little more rough than you normally are.  And he’s throwing her around, and at first she’s laughing.  Then she was on some get the fuck off me, and he puts her in a – is it called a full nelson?  When you put the arms around the neck?  Oh, under the arms around the neck.

So she’s like this, like a tyrannosaurus rex, like get off me, so of course I run and save the day.  I’m like, “Randy get off her” whatever.  So, now he starts throwing me around like a rag doll.  I’m like I”m going to fuck you up, this and that, and you know Randy’s stronger than me, so I know I can’t beat him.  So I says to myself, “What can I do?  What can I do to overcome this?”

So I was like, “I’m going to take a shit on you”.  So Randy’s like, ‘You nasty bitch no you won’t, this and that’, I was just saying it to try to – I really wasn’t going to take a shit.  So like, I was like “I’m going to piss on you” and he was like ‘No you won’t this and that’.  So now I’m sitting on his lap, you know trying to pin him down as fast as I can, and I let it loose like the Niagara Falls.  I pissed all over him.

He had pee from here to here, and he had on his good jeans – well, he only brought like three pairs of pants on tour, so they were like either his green or his red jeans; they were a colored pair of jeans.  And I pissed all over them, and you saw the piss all over them.  So, like needless to say I ended the wrestling match, but you know he had to like wash in the shower and hang dry them cause, again that was like one of two or three pairs of pants.  That was a funny – you really had to be there, but that was a funny moment.  I still always bring it up and Randy’s like, ugh the piss story again.  That was a classic story from tour, another having to do with piss.

M4B:  I think that’s the best story we’ve ever gotten.

J:  That’s what I do – I like to excel and overachieve.  Another…no let me not tell that.  That’s Randy’s story to tell.  Very funny though – another having to do with piss.  Next question?

M4B:  So, you talk about food in your music a lot.  Penne a la vodka, chicken francese, bubblegum, candyland –

J:  I’m a hungry bitch

M4B:  Is that cause you’re hungry?

J:  Sugar daddy

M4B:  No seriously, what’s your favorite thing to eat?

J:  Eggs and bacon.  I love pizza.  If they were like stranded on an island, and you could bring one food with you, I’d say just keep the pizzas coming.  But, I also have a serious sweet tooth.  I love sweets – cookies, cakes, all that.  But if I had to go with one thing, I think I’d probably just go with pizza.  Made with mozzarella cheese, of course.

M4B:  So do you have a diet or workout plan?  You have a rockin’ body – how do you keep it?

J: Of course.  I see food, and I eat it.  And it’s a lot of work, but – yeah I like to work out cause it makes me feel good, but this year’s been a little busy I haven’t had a lot of time.  I want to get back on it, cause I lost my six pack, I want to get that back so.  I’m pretty active, I run around like all day long, so even when I eat a lot, I’m burning the calories off.

Now the trick is you don’t want to waste anything.  I’m Italian and my mom always taught us not to waste food.  I’ll be the one to bring a piece of meat home this big from a restaurant.  Look at this plate. You guys didn’t clean your plate like this.  Look at April’s plate.  Look at your plate.  Look at my plate.  I didn’t even leave any ketchup.  I licked the ketchup off the plate.

M4B:  So what do you have coming up that you’re most excited about?

J:  Lunch.

So yea, Wild N Out just premiered a couple of weeks ago, so that was awesome.  So there’s twenty episodes of that.  I have these Maybelline commercials out.  I’m working on my next album, although Scarlet Letter just dropped very recently, a couple of months ago, so I’m still releasing singles and videos off of that album.  I just released a new video yesterday, two days ago, called Sugar Daddy, so I’m really excited about that.  The video for it is really dope.

I’ll be shooting another video or two off of Scarlet Letter, while also working on my new album.  And I don’t know when I’m going to drop that – maybe like top of the year, cause I want to keep dropping videos off Scarlet Letter, for the remainder of the year, and you know, then hit everyone with the new music I think probably first quarter.  Oh, I also just dropped another new single, called Tu Se Animale, with Real Black Caviar, and that’s like a club dance song – it’s pretty gangster.

M4B:  So, last question.  We always like to end off, since we’re music for breakfast – music and food – what do you typically eat for breakfast, and what’s your wake up jam?  What do you like to wake up to in the morning?

J:  Eggs and bacon.  One thing I can’t wake up without…is my mother fucking Joe.

Ok –  I need coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening, coffee for breakfast time.  If I don’t have coffee when I wake up, how am I gonna get rid of Corona and lime from the night before.  You know a bitch is off the floor.  And I need some Joe to wake me up like oh.  Go to the store, and I got to Dunkin.  Do my thing and I’m never flunking.  I ace it, they basic, yea I do that.  My people in the movement and yeah we move that.  Couple eggs and I put em on the stove.  Bacon on my plate and I’m out of control.  It’s music for breakfast and they say that I’m wreckless.  Woke up I ain’t got no necklace.  Boxers on, a little black tee, they wanna hate can’t do it like me.  Whipped cream, put it on my sandwich.  Whipped cream, I’m ma put it on my sandwich.   Whipped cream I’m ma put it on April – I need a sandwich.  Put a little egg, put a little egg, need a little throw on it, so I can’t get played.  A little ketchup, if i mess up, I’m a keep going like one time I gotta bless up.  Bless myself before I eat.  Whipped cream all over these streets.  Sugar daddy, candyland, and I’m looking at Amanda like I am the man. Cause I made this meal, y’all really loved it.  Got a little champagne with the bubbly.  Got a little OJ, it’s mimosa, matter fact I’mma make this toast up.  Conquer yeah they in the building.  And my house yeah we hurting feelings.  A little messy yeah I need a maid.  But Tu Se Animale, see that’s playing .  You can get it on itunes, get it on itunes, you got the kitchen but don’t go in my room.  If you do then they might just throw up, you know a bitch in the morning yeah I glow up.  I need a little coffee in my cup and they looking at my house like bitch what the fuck.  Well we still hustling, we still grinding, that’s my business, so don’t mind it.  J Valentine you know how we do it, J Valentine, nice with the music, and I eat it for breakfast.  You know I be eating these beats, and I know they know my name when I walk in the streets.  I’m wildin’ out, and I’m styling out in my PJs.  Matter fact I know they wanna be me.  Shining now and I do it one time, music for breakfast, Justina Valentine.

He’s an animal now. So, in honor of Music4Breakfast coming to my humble abode for breakfast, I’m going to do my dishes.  I dread doing the dishes, and although the person who cooks isn’t supposed to do them, I got to get to it.  My new single, Tu Se Animale, it’s great to wash the dishes to.  You can twerk, wash the dishes.