This playlist we countdown our top ten favorite food-themed and ode-to-food lyrics & music videos of all time!  Get ready for sticky, sweet, syrupy musical goodness.  In no particular order…

Artist:  Warrant

Song: Cherry Pie

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Rollerbladin’ pie girl
  • 80s rock to the core: love the use of red
  • Cherry pie artwork
  • Using pie as drums – classic

Artist:  Weird Al Yankovic

Song:  Just Eat It

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Classic food lyrics – little food appearances
  • Pizza, donuts, coffee, macaroons and Oreo’s
  • Spoon Circle fight – 80s style

Artist:  Kelis

Song: Milkshake

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Various chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and float milkshake combos
  • Buns fresh out of the oven make a cameo
  • Whipped cream and cherries – 50’s style classic

Artist:  Lady Gaga (ft. Beyonce)

Song: Telephone

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Beyonce baling gaga out of jail, picking her up in THE pussy wagon from Kill Bill, and forcing her to eat a honey bun is simply classic
  • Appearances by loafs of bread and lettuce
  • Lets make a sandwich – wonderbread and miracle whip cameos
  • Breakfast also makes an appearance – biscuits, bacon, eggs, all laced with poison -Eek – along with waffles, syrup, ketchup with fries, and toast

Artist:  No Doubt

Song: Sunday Morning

Favorite Food Moments:

  • When you have band practice, and also a taste for pasta
  • Quality band-time:  No Doubt preppin’ tomatoes, cooking tomato sauce from scratch, and dicing onions
  • Spaghetti feeding between the bassist and guitarist (no homo)
  • Sauce-on-the-floor fail: 3 second rule
  • Nice meal turned to food fight is always awesome

Artist:  Prince

Song: Starfish & Coffee

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Coffee cup and Seymore the talking elephant
  • It’s MUPPETS!  What’s not to love?
  • Cynthia Rose’s Lunchbox:  All the goodies
  • Food lyrics are catchy and addictive
  • Rasberry Sorbet remix

Check out our tribute to “Starfish & Coffee” here.

Artist:  Katy Perry

Song: This Is How We Do

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Pizza, watermelon,tacos, pancakes, popsicles all have cameos in various forms
  • The twerking sundae is everything!
  • Stoned Ice Cream Sandwich and dancing watermelons
  • Captain Crunch slo-mo is also very cool!

Artist:  Katy Perry (ft. Snoop Dogg)

Song: California Gurls

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Everything!  Lollipop lined lane, gummies flipping you off, sugar cube die, random people trapped in various food-related items; bubble gum bubbles, green jello cubes, and of course candy wrappers
  • Strawberry tat spotted on Katy’s ankle
  • Saving Mr. Iced Gingerbread, then slowly eating him because it’s delicious
  • Waffle cone trees and cotton candy clouds
  • Bikini tops made of decorated, frosted donuts and peppermint candies
  • Bras that shoot whipped cream
  • Snoop Dogg in a cupcake suit with matching shades, emerging from a waffle cone castle: classic

Artist:  Beastie Boys

Song: You Gotta Fight (For Your Right To Party)

Favorite Food Moments:

  • Loafs of bread, head beatings in the right in the beginning
  • Heineken beer chuggin’
  • Chips, pizza, coke and flatbread(?)
  • Pie throwing and face smashing goodness for most of the video

Artist:  G. Love & Special Sauce

Song: Milk & Cereal

Favorite Food Moments:

  • The anthem for “breakfast cereal”
  • Ten different cereal shoutouts including:
    • Wheaties
    • Grape Nuts
    • Special K
    • Lucky Charms
    • Apple Jacks
    • Rice Krispies
    • Boo Berry
    • Cheerios
    • Cocoa Puffs
    • Trix