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Single Review:  Hurricane by Autopilot

Single Review: Hurricane by Autopilot


This week’s single review is from indie-rock alternative band Autopilot.  Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (that’s in Canada, which I did not know), their latest single, “Hurricane”, is off of their upcoming full length album to be released in 2017.  What caught my attention immediately is their songwriting description which reads:

“Autopilot’s creative songwriting skills and include spacey tones and unique touches such as a bow used on the guitar, as well as dynamic drum beats and solid bass lines to keep the listener captivated.”

I HAD to take a listen!  I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  The production and song style reminded me heavily of some classic sounds from Third Eye Blind’s first album.

The song starts off with typical rock style grooves, and then quickly transitions into an indie rock beat that’s familiar.  The vocals of the lead singer pull you in, and his tone is a melodic blend of Stephen Jenkins (Third Eye Blind) meets Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam).  The lyrics don’t hit me in any sort of way, but the string, guitar, drum, and vocal production as well as effects keep me entertained the entire song.

The bowed guitar really brings an interesting sound I have never heard before this, and it’s a really refreshing sound.  I definitely had my skepticism but was pleasantly surprised! I also really like the airiness of the vocal mixdown; it works really nice with the rest of the sounds going on.

Overall, I would give this song a 4 out of 5.  I wish I could’ve heard the lead singer without the vocal effect some.  His vocal tone is really unique.  I will most likely be checking out more music from Autopilot, and thanks to Muddy Paw PR for the music recommendation!

Hurricane by Autopilot

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