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Single Review:  Crumbs (There’s Only Now)

Single Review: Crumbs (There’s Only Now)


In honor of David Bowie, we received an interesting submission from Ontario indie-pop duo, Church of Trees.  With a twisted pop-derived sound, mixed with a soft vocal and 80s synth styles, this Canadian band is a refreshing take on what we call remixing 80’s music today.  Here’s what the band had to say about their latest single, “Crumbs (There’s Only Now)”:

Though the single is driven by an upbeat groove with an inherent sense of fun and whimsy, the lyric reminds us that, despite our focus on the past and the future, all we really have is this very moment. Don’t waste it.

This track is definitely got Ziggy Stardust undertones and Bowie-like tributes everywhere; the synth, the vocal effects, and the engineering/production overall.  I really enjoy the sweet vocals of lead singer, Felicity.  I also am digging the subtle weird sci-fi effects sprinkled in the verses.  It really kept me as the listener engaged and eager for the next “break”.  There’s nothing in particularly striking about the lyrics in this song, but I don’t think there needs to be due to the production surrounding it.

The trash like drums in the breakdown was a nice strong change before going back into the futuristic chorus.  The song style also reminds me a lot of the Russian duo, Tatu.  All in all, this is a nice track and very well done for what it is.  I probably wouldn’t have this on rotation on my playlist, but it was a nice listen!

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