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Single Review: FAITH-Ronley Teper

Single Review: FAITH-Ronley Teper


“Faith”, a collaboration between a musician and a visual artist, is the first (of hopefully many more) music video review we’ve done here at Music4Breakfast.  What captivated me about this submission was the story behind it.  A tale of faith, courage, and ultimately change, this video expresses, in Ronley’s words:

The adventure unfolds among a living landscape representing the paradoxical friction of force between our real world and dreams to achieve. Within this world we gracefully follow a fantastical character roaming with his soul, toward an unalloyed river which streams silver shimmers of faith and optimistic peace. Ultimately the adventurous soul, embarks on a floating mountain disappearing in the distance while we learn how to respectfully pose an eternal farewell to what we have left behind.

The first of three in a video trilogy, the pure concept for “Faith” is simply awesome!  A project has been in the works for 8 years, has finally come to fruition.  Folk artist, Ronley Teper (and The LipLiners), and visual/animation artist Davide Di Saro created a hand-drawn art and music piece that takes you on an adventure through life and reminds you to have a little faith.  What really gets me about this video is that it’s completely drawn by hand!  That in itself is pretty amazing.

So…on to the review already!

A TRILOGY digital album

It begins with a very “atmospheric” sound, and the soft banjo plucking paired with the equally soft and subtle vocal of Ronly immediately takes you in.  The touch of rattles, bongos along with the visuals (which I’m sure is meant on purpose), adds to the intensity.  The piano pushes the song along nicely, and as a drummer, I love me some dark China cymbal rolls.

The hi hats come in at just the right time, softly and consistently keeping you drawn in musically and visually, and then came one of the best build ups I’ve heard in a while.  The intensity and tension of this song is done beautifully, introducing horns, strings, and a host of other wind instruments.  Elements of it production wise remind me of something you would expect from a band like Mumford and Sons or Florence & The Machines.

I’m not traditionally a fan of folk music, however when I think of folk, one thing I don’t think of is violins, bongos, or even heavy rock-style drums – all of which this song displays.  The lyrics elegantly compliment the violins, and the gang vocals offer a familiar sound that you would find on any folk-pop song on the radio today.  I’ve got to say I’m very curious to hear what the rest of this series has created, and I will more than likely be checking out some more from this cool pop-folk (in my opinion) band.

FAITH by Ronley Teper's Lipliners