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Taazo Indian Restaurant Review 9.6

Taazo Indian Restaurant Review


Taazo Indian Bistro Review


Cozy and satisfying night out for the exotic spices of Indian food.

Dinner Rating10.0
Waiter Service9.0
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TAAZA Indian Bistro just opened a few weeks ago in Greensboro, and being Indian fanatics, we HAD to try it!  To give you a little background, we’ve been to quite a few indian restaurants in the country during our travels, so we’re pretty well versed on some famous dishes like some of our favorites – Chicken Makhani and Cbicken Tikka Masala (which are basically very similar to one another).

Some of our favorite restaurants are “up North”, and mostly located in New York City (reviews coming on those), our favorite being located in Brooklyn, however this place is giving it a run for it’s money!  I can honestly say it is THE best Chicken Masala I’ve ever had.  It was so good, we went two nights in a row; we were totally craving the savory taste the savory chicken and perfectly seasoned tomato sauce.

I also want to comment on the ambience – it was one of the most inviting designs.  There is a glass waterfall when you enter, and the paint scheme of tan and bright orange undertones really gives it a welcoming vibe.  The table choices are booth, bar or table, and we sat in a booth both times.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that in the glass tiles on the table, were “infused” beans, mushrooms, and other traditional indian spices and ingredients, which I thought was really unique and thoughtful.

The first night we went, the US Presidential Debates happened to be on, so it didn’t give us a real impression of the musical or entertainment vibe.  However, our second time, we got to really take in the Indian “MTV” that was playing during our dining experience.  I can say I really enjoyed a few of the tunes I heard.

Another plus, that might not be for some people, I particularly enjoy when more than the “server” waits on you throughout your time.  I find it annoying sometimes when I can’t get the attention of my server for something simple like a glass of water, and our experience at Taaza was very refreshing.  The staff was very attentive and on point with refilling our waters, clearing our completed appetizers, and presenting our main course to us.

I really enjoyed our experience and will most likely be attending yet again in the near future!


Some of our favorites include:

Chicken Tikki Masala

Mango Lassi

Sweet Lassi

Papadum Appetizer (though the sauces were a little spicy for our tastes)

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1216 Bridford Parkway

Greensboro, NC