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Single Review: Crumbling Down by Nuela Charles

Single Review: Crumbling Down by Nuela Charles


This week’s single review features Canadian alternative soul artist, Nuela Charles.  The first single off of her upcoming album, “The Grand Hustle” speaks volumes lyrically and musically, and her vocals shine through brilliantly.  “An anthem for the fallen”, as she describes it, this song is both catchy and powerful when paired with the music video (see below).

“Sometimes you have to fall. Hard. And then you get back up, dust yourself off and come back even stronger. ‘Crumbling Down’ is about a state of being. A moment in time. A moment of weakness. But recognizing there is a certain strength in weakness.” – Nuela Charles

I love how this song starts with soft violins and a hard hitting snare, but relaxed hi hat at the top of the beat.  The lyrics caught me right away, maybe because of her strong voice.  The backing harmonies add a nice touch to the words and vocals in the pre-chorus.  The chorus comes in with a bang – blending the violins and hard drums with a deep kick, and a styling that reminded me of Adele’s classic, “Set Fire To The Rain”.

I wish that there was a little more diversity instrumentally, although the nice piano break in the bridge really adds to the song.  I also love the harmonies and creative use of reverb in the bridge.  I also hoped for a stronger finish, but it was more repetitive than stunning.  Overall, I really like this song.  I will definitely be checking out what else she has to say on “The Grand Hustle”!


Music Video for "Crumbling Down"

The Grand Hustle by Nuela Charles

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